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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I contact Lipton Law for a free consultation?

A resounding “Yes.” We are ready to discuss your case over the telephone, in person, at your home or in our office.

What advantages does Lipton Law provide that other personal injury lawyers do not?

Lipton Law takes an intensely client-oriented approach. We guarantee that your telephone calls are returned promptly, your questions are answered to your satisfaction and that we will give you the personal attention that is so often missing from other firms.

Is there a case that is too complicated for Lipton Law to handle?

No. For decades, Lipton Law has handled complex cases, including medical malpractice, wrongful death and severe accident cases.

What financial commitment is required when I hire Lipton Law to handle my case?

Our firm works strictly on a contingency fee basis. This means that we advance all costs, which are reimbursed only if a recovery is made.

Will I have direct access to my attorney during my case?

Yes. If the attorney is out of the office for any reason, your concerns are forwarded to your lawyer directly via email. In most instances, however, our knowledgeable staff is available to address your questions and concerns immediately. Our goal is to handle each matter on a same-day basis.

In addition to settling my case, what else can I expect from my attorney to assist me with during this difficult time?

Lipton Law provides access to qualified case managers and experienced experts concerning all areas of your case. Our firm will assist you with all your needs.

What additional resources are made available through Lipton Law?

Lipton Law specializes in personal injury law but has access to experienced attorneys for nonpersonal injury matters as well. Our firm maintains a comprehensive database of referral experts.

What if I live far away from Lipton Law‘s office? Will I have to travel to see them each time communication is required?

Our personal injury lawyers will travel to you if you are unable to meet at our office. Your location is not an obstacle in our ability to fully represent your interests. We handle cases successfully all over Michigan and the country — if you live far away from us, that is not a problem. We are also able to communicate with our clients via telephone, fax and email.

What kind of results may I expect for my case based on the past settlements Lipton Law has achieved for previous clients?

Lipton Law works relentlessly and aggressively on behalf of all our clients to obtain maximum results. We have a proven record of success over the history of the firm.

Contact us online or call our Southfield, Michigan, office at 248-557-1688 today to ask questions specific to your situation. We offer free initial consultations and look forward to making you our first priority.