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Trauma is common in dog bite victims

Sometimes, the scars and wounds that are present after an injury do not show the impact the event had on the victim's life. Long after the scars have healed, many dog bite victims still feel that their life has been altered after the attack. They may feel higher levels of anxiety on a daily basis, or they may decide to avoid situations where they might come into contact with other dogs.

Understanding Michigan state dog bite laws

Coming into contact with dogs is inevitable, whether you have a pet of your own or not. In ordinary circumstances, those who do not want to have direct contact with dogs are able to avoid them successfully in parks, sidewalks and cafes where they frequent. However, some dogs can be aggressive and may provoke attacks on the general public. This can be a scary experience, especially if you have a child with you at the time.

Seeking compensation for dog bite injuries in Michigan

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, almost 20 percent of people who are bitten by dogs require medical attention. Unfortunately, children are more likely to be bitten than are adults, and they tend to suffer greater injury from the bites. Any dog can bite under the right circumstances, but larger dogs tend to cause greater injury.

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