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Are bedsores a sign of nursing home neglect?

When people get older and less able to conduct daily activities, they will likely spend a large portion of the day sitting or lying down. This can cause some parts of the body to be subject to prolonged pressure, and, as a result, bedsores can arise.While preventing...

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The 3 categories of distracted driving

Distracted driving comes in many forms, with texting and talking on the phone among the most common. As a driver, it's important to avoid any type of distraction that takes your eyes and/or attention away from the road.All types of distracted driving fit into one or...

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Here are the steps to take after a dog bite

Even if you enjoy being around dogs, never lose sight of the fact that these animals can attack. If a dog attacks you, it's important that you take the right steps without delay.Here are five things you should immediately do:Get to safety: You should get away from the...

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