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June 2019 Archives

The most common reasons for fatal pedestrian accidents

Tragically, thousands of pedestrians are killed each year due to traffic accidents. In 2016, statistics showed that, on average, one pedestrian died due to crashes every 1.5 hours. While it's not possible to turn back time after a tragic car accident, it can be possible for loved ones of the victim to take action and get justice.

The types of distracted driving that you should know

When referring to the concept of distracted driving, it's common for people to automatically think of texting and making calls while behind the wheel. While any form of hand-held phone usage is a form of distracted driving, there are also many other activities that could be defined as such.

Defining emotional neglect in nursing homes

We all have a broad range of basic needs that are important for our daily functioning. While food, hygiene and shelter are very important for a happy and healthy life, we are also social animals. This means that without basic human interaction and socialization, we are unable to attain a good quality of life.

Understanding Michigan state dog bite laws

Coming into contact with dogs is inevitable, whether you have a pet of your own or not. In ordinary circumstances, those who do not want to have direct contact with dogs are able to avoid them successfully in parks, sidewalks and cafes where they frequent. However, some dogs can be aggressive and may provoke attacks on the general public. This can be a scary experience, especially if you have a child with you at the time.

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