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How no-fault insurance can protect you after a major crash

Many people in Michigan hate the fact that they have to carry no-fault insurance in order to legally drive a vehicle. No-fault insurance is part of the reason why Michigan has some of the most expensive policy premiums out of every state in the country.

However, that large price comes with substantial benefits for those who have these policies. When someone gets hurt in a car crash, the medical costs can often exceed tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in the long term. Insurance caps and other issues, like uninsured drivers, can impact the ability of the victims of car crashes in other states to connect with the compensation that they need.

Michigan man run over by truck, critically injured

A single father in Michigan was critically injured while he was working on a highway project recently, run over by a truck.

The man, a seasonal employee, was working on electrical service in a closed-off construction area on Long Lake Road near Interstate 75 in Troy, Michigan, when the incident occurred. The aim of the crew was to move power lines before a bridge demolition took place.

The 3 categories of distracted driving

Distracted driving comes in many forms, with texting and talking on the phone among the most common. As a driver, it's important to avoid any type of distraction that takes your eyes and/or attention away from the road.

All types of distracted driving fit into one or more of these three categories:

  • Visual distraction: This occurs when you take your eyes off the road for any reason. For example, you may turn around to see what your children are doing in the backseat. Or maybe you look down to read a map. Keeping your eyes on the road ahead is imperative to your safety.
  • Cognitive distraction: Also known as mental distraction, this is when your mind isn't focused on the task at hand. Common examples include chatting with another passenger or thinking about a personal or work-related issue. Your mind must always be in the right place when driving.
  • Manual distraction: This happens when you take one or both hands off the wheel, such as to send a text message, grab a bite of food or adjust a vehicle control. Manual distractions are among the most common, especially as they relate to smartphone use.

Don’t overlook the signs and dangers of sepsis

Infection control is a major concern in most hospitals across the United States. Because sick and vulnerable patients are put in close quarters with other sick and vulnerable patients, the risk of spreading infection is significant.

One of the worst infection scenarios is sepsis, which can occur when the body is trying to fight off an infection by releasing a flood of chemicals into the bloodstream. If the body produces an out-of-balance response to these chemicals, it can quickly lead to organ damage and death. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, between 1 million and 3 million Americans develop sepsis each year, most often in the hospital or just after being released from the hospital. Approximately 15 to 30 percent of these patients die because of the disease.

Keep an eye out for these commonly misdiagnosed conditions

No one wants to spend their life worrying about their health and if they'll face a serious ailment in the future. Even so, you're the only person who knows how you feel, so it's your responsibility to obtain care when you need it.

When seeking medical assistance, do so with the idea of finding a reputable doctor with the experience and knowledge to provide you with an accurate diagnosis and proper treatment strategy.

Here are the steps to take after a dog bite

Even if you enjoy being around dogs, never lose sight of the fact that these animals can attack. If a dog attacks you, it's important that you take the right steps without delay.

Here are five things you should immediately do:

  • Get to safety: You should get away from the dog as quickly as possible, as you don't want a single bite to turn into something much more serious. No matter what it takes, move to safety so you can better assess your situation.
  • Receive medical care: Even if you don't believe that you have a serious injury, it's better to be safe than sorry. For example, some dogs are not vaccinated against rabies, meaning you could end up with this serious disease if you don't receive treatment.
  • Exchange information: Just the same as a car accident, collect information from the dog's owner. This includes their contact information and anything they know about the dog, such as its vaccination history. If you're unable to do so after the attack, do your best to follow up as soon as possible.
  • Talk to witnesses: When possible, collect contact information for anyone who witnessed the attack. Statements from them will come in handy if you file a lawsuit or insurance claim in the future.
  • File a report with animal control: This goes a long way in holding the dog's owner responsible. It can also prevent the dog from attacking someone else in the future, thus saving them the pain and suffering that you're going through.

Seeking compensation for dog bite injuries in Michigan

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, almost 20 percent of people who are bitten by dogs require medical attention. Unfortunately, children are more likely to be bitten than are adults, and they tend to suffer greater injury from the bites. Any dog can bite under the right circumstances, but larger dogs tend to cause greater injury.

Dog bites can not only cause pain and temporary injury but also the possibility of long-term damage. Nerve damage, for example, is relatively common after dog bites. The injuries are often to the face or hands, which can be emotionally traumatic, disfiguring or even disabling. Dog bite victims, especially children, often need physical and emotional therapy and rehabilitation.

How a delayed diagnosis impacts the health of a patient

Most patients put a lot of trust in their doctors. After all, medical professionals have an extensive education that enables them to provide diagnostic assistance and treatment for a wide range of illnesses and injuries. Diagnosis is one of the most important functions that a doctor performs for their patients.

Much of medical school training has to do with the process of making a diagnosis. Unfortunately for patients, some doctors fail in this critical task.

You may not feel potentially deadly injuries after a car accident

Surviving a car accident without injuries is a great blessing, especially considering how horrific such injuries can be. Unfortunately, too may people assume that they are injury-free after a car accident simply because they don't feel any pain and don't see visible indications that any part of their body is broken or damaged.

If victims of car accidents assume that everything is fine because they don't feel significant pain afterwards, they put themselves in serious danger. Delayed pain injuries, which you may not feel at first, can still result in debilitating pain and even long-term damage that lowers your quality of life or possibly kills you. Don't make a bad day worse by avoiding proper medical care after an accident -- it may be the last serious mistake you ever make.

Reducing distractions prevents car accidents

Car accidents happen for many reasons, but one of the most common is distracted driving. Distracted driving comes in a variety of forms including texting and driving, driving with distracting passengers, eating behind the wheel, talking on the phone while driving and others.

Each kind of distraction has its own issues. For example, texting and driving takes your mind and eyes off the road as well as your hands off the wheel. Talking on the phone takes you mind off the road and could take your hands off the wheel.

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