Thorough Semi-Truck Accident Investigations That Promote Smoother Recoveries

Getting into any type of traffic accident is bad enough, but when your collision involves a semi truck, your prognosis can be even worse. Many more factors are at play in truck accidents, and it's critical to investigate them properly if you want to seek restitution.

At Lipton Law, our knowledgeable team of attorneys is devoted to helping Michigan truck accident victims recover the financial compensation they deserve. From our headquarters in Southfield, we've spent years working to rise to the top of the legal community, and we command the same respect among our peers and clients that we enjoy in the courtroom. Getting through an accident can be tough, and at Lipton Law, we believe our clients deserve the best legal representation possible, so they can focus on recuperation in the aftermath.

What Makes Truck Accidents So Complicated?

When you get hit by a truck driver, there are countless potential contributing factors. For instance, you might want to justifiably blame a trucker who fell asleep at the wheel, but if the trucker's employer made him or her work long hours to keep the job, then it may be advisable to also target the trucking company for legal action. If a big rig struck your vehicle after its brakes failed, should you sue the individual in charge of upkeep or the truck's manufacturer?

To ensure that your legal fight doesn't become an impossible battle, we will thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding your incident to uncover critical information such as:

  • When, where, why and how you were struck
  • Road conditions
  • Driver accident histories
  • Eyewitness accounts and police reports
  • Evidence such as accident scene photos and eyewitness accounts
  • Inspection data for all vehicles involved in the accident, including your own

Truck accident inquiries are just as complex as the incidents that prompt them, but as a victim — or the relative of a victim — you may not have the time or knowledge to conduct an in-depth investigation. Our lawyers are passionate about conducting detailed examinations of traffic incidents and finding expert witnesses so our clients can keep their lives moving.

Talk To Lipton Law About Your Collision

Truck accident investigations do more than just establish that a trucker was at fault for your property damage or injury. In comparative fault states like Michigan, these investigations are crucial to proving that you shouldn't also be held liable.

Your truck accident may have stopped you in your tracks, but you don't deserve to have your whole life grind to a halt. Contact us online now or call 248-557-1688 for a free initial consultation. Let us help by starting an investigation that gets you back on the road.