Making Sense Of Semi-Truck Accidents

You've been caught up in an accident with a commercial vehicle, and you have countless questions: Why did this have to happen to you? Could you have done something differently? What do your incident's circumstances mean for your future chances at compensation?

At Lipton Law of Southfield, Michigan, our objective is to help you make sense of what's going on and the challenges you face. As lawyers who never quit working to get better at our practice, we're eager to put our understanding to use on your behalf. We strive to empower truck accident victims and their families through aggressive representation and post-accident education — and our tenacious approach to litigation has earned us the respect of the legal community.

Understanding What Happened To You

Due to factors like the relative sizes of the vehicles involved, commercial truck accidents can have severe outcomes even when they occur at relatively low speeds. Although each incident is unique, contributing factors may include:

  • Truckers driving long hours that cause them to rush or operate in a state of fatigue
  • Loading companies securing cargo incorrectly
  • Truck companies failing to train their drivers or maintain their fleets properly
  • Truck manufacturers using faulty components that fail in traffic situations
  • Other motorists maneuvering around trucks in a hazardous fashion

Dealing with a truck accident can seem tough on your own, especially when it's time to prove which of the preceding factors caused your injury. The lawyers of Lipton Law understand the tricky position such incidents can place you in, so we've made it our mission to provide the representation you need to pursue compensation while you work on achieving a swift recovery. As passionate legal advocates with a penchant for seeing cases through to completion, we don't stop fighting until we've brought clarity to your situation.

Choose The Right Course Of Action

Your legal options depend on the nature of your accident. Whom you decide to sue matters, and the grounds of your lawsuit can determine whether you'll receive a favorable judgment or they'll walk away on a technicality.

Talk with an attorney at Lipton Law by calling 248-557-1688 today or share your case questions by contacting us online. Your truck accident may have been the result of multiple factors, but we're confident in our ability to help you get to the heart of the matter in court.