Don’t Forget About Your No-Fault Benefits

While some may regard planning for the worst as a negative, doing so in relation to car insurance can actually benefit an individual and his or her family in the long run. No-fault insurance is required by law in Michigan. Every motor vehicle owner is expected to purchase specific basic coverage to obtain license plates.

Michigan's no-fault car insurance provides payment for medical expenses, lost wages and damage to other people's property no matter who is determined to have caused the automobile accident. If you have been denied such benefits under these or other circumstances, an experienced Michigan insurance claim attorney at Lipton Law can help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

The No-Fault Car Insurance Policy

There are three parts to a no-fault car insurance policy that drivers in Michigan are required to buy. These are:

  • Personal injury protection (PIP). PIP pays for all of your medical costs. For three years, it also covers up to 85 percent of the income you would have earned if you hadn't suffered injury. The amount of compensation you would receive for lost income is limited, however, and is altered every year.
  • Property protection. This provision pays for the damage your car caused to other people's property (buildings, fences, etc.), up to $1 million. It also covers damage your car does to another person's properly parked vehicle, but it does not pay for any other damage to vehicles.
  • Residual liability insurance/bodily injury and property damage. This no-fault provision protects insured drivers from being sued because of a car crash. However, the no-fault law will vary if a motorist causes an accident that results in death, serious injury or permanent disfigurement.

Obtain The Compensation You Deserve

While the specifics of Michigan's no-fault benefits may seem straightforward, auto accident cases involving insurance claims can be complex. Even with Michigan's no-fault car insurance policy at work, individuals may encounter obstacles when filing no-fault benefit claims. Often, insurers will wrongly decline no-fault benefits claims for family members living under the same roof and a family member who is a passenger in another person's vehicle when an accident occurs.

At Lipton Law, our Southfield, Michigan, no-fault car insurance lawyers know there is no time to waste in helping you obtain benefits to offset steep medical bills, lost earnings and other damages associated with your accident. Contact us online today, or call 248-557-1688 to learn more about your legal rights and options regarding a no-fault benefits claim.