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Distracted driving has become an epidemic in Michigan and throughout the United States, the main issue being that a lot of drivers are overconfident and think they are fully capable of operating a vehicle while doing other things. However, this could not be further from the truth. Anything that takes a motorist's attention away from the road is considered a distraction.

When a motor vehicle accident is being investigated, distracted driving is a major aspect that is evaluated to determine whether it contributed to the crash. At Lipton Law, our knowledgeable personal injury attorneys focus on getting answers in car accident cases

Forms Of Distracted Driving

Distracted driving occurs in three forms, either singularly or in combination: Visual, manual and cognitive. A visual distraction is when a driver takes their eyes off of the road. Just as dangerous is a manual distraction in which a motorist takes their hands off of the wheel. The last form of distracted driving, cognitive, occurs when a driver takes their mind off of driving.

Texting on a cellphone while driving involves all of these three forms of distraction. That's why, in Michigan, the texting ban is a primary offense, meaning law enforcement officers do not need to have another reason aside from a texting driver to stop the vehicle and issue a citation.

In addition to distracted driving accidents due to texting, Michigan distracted driver accidents can also occur when a motorist does any of the following while driving:

  • Watches a video
  • Eats or drinks
  • Puts makeup on
  • Talks to passengers
  • Reads maps or other items
  • Changes the radio, CD or MP3 player
  • Uses a global positioning system (GPS)

Legal Experience You Can Count On

At Lipton Law, our Southfield traffic accident lawyers have the legal experience and knowledge to hold distracted drivers liable for the injuries and other losses you and your family have suffered. We are committed to helping you obtain compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, pain and suffering, and other damages.

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