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Genesee County Car Accident Lawyers

Thousands of auto accidents happen throughout Genesee County every year, but that doesn’t make them any less damaging for those involved. While the majority of these crashes do not result in injury or death, thousands are still hurt ever year. Dealing with the pain and complications that result from a car accident is frequently difficult for victims, affecting not only their physical capabilities, but also their emotional and financial wellbeing. When these accidents are caused by another party’s recklessness or negligence, the toll can be even worse. Fortunately, personal injury law allows those hurt by another’s reckless actions to seek compensation for their losses.

The Physical, Financial, and Emotional Toll

During a car crash, even passengers in the most secure vehicle with the best safety features can suffer serious injuries. Because of the violent nature of crashes and the multitude of accidents that are possible on the road, a victim can suffer a wide variety of injuries that result in both temporary and permanent injuries and disabilities. The trauma of the accident itself as well as the repercussions and injuries can have a severely negative effect on the emotional and mental wellbeing of a victim. Recovery from such damage is not as straightforward as physical injury and may take years to heal. Both of these types of damages, as well as property damage and the inability to work while injured, can lead to devastating financial losses. Medical care, both in emergency services and rehabilitation, can be incredibly expensive, but cannot simply be refused due to financial matters.

The Needed Aid of Compensation

Through a personal injury claim, a victim can hold at-fault parties responsible for the accident and seek compensation for losses. Compensation comes in monetary form, but can be applied to a variety of areas. Past losses, like emergency medical care and property damage, can be covered as well as future costs, such as continued rehabilitation. Additionally, the financial losses caused by being unable to work can be covered, both in the past and future if a victim continues to be unable to work. Finally, less objective losses like emotional and mental distress as well as pain and suffering may be covered. However, being successful in the search for compensation requires experienced legal aid.

Proving Fault and Compensation

The causes of crashes can often be obvious; however, at-fault parties and insurance companies will most likely work to deny fault and not pay full compensation. Injured victims and their personal injury attorneys must prove fault in order to secure compensation as well as prove the legitimacy of the amount of compensation they are seeking. Key pieces of evidence often used in an auto accident claim include eye witness and expert testimony; photos and videos of the crash or crash aftermath; police statements and records; and any criminal charges or convictions associated with the crash. These will help to prove the circumstances of the accident as well as the fault of the driver, government entity, or other party that caused the crash.

Representing You in Your Time of Need

Through years of experience, finely honed skills, and helpful resources, the Genesee County car accident attorneys at Lipton Law provide injured clients with the legal representation they need. Our successes bring needed compensation in order to get victims on the road to recovery and find justice for the accident. For information on how our legal team can help you, call us today at (248) 557-1688.