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Flint Personal Injury Attorneys

Victims of personal injury accidents in Flint, Michigan face a variety of challenges, as the losses suffered are not only physical, but also financial and emotional. Flint personal injury accidents include everything from auto accidents to on the job injuries, and all can have a sudden and serious impact on the life of the victim. Should you be injured in such an accident, you not only face the long road to physical recovery but must also cope with the various losses that harm you and those that depend on you.

The Flint personal injury accident lawyers at Lipton Law have a deep understanding of these incidents and are dedicated to both protecting and educating victims concerning their potential losses and rights.

The Toll of a Personal Injury

Depending on the type and severity of the accident, a victim may suffer injuries that affect them for only a few days, result in life-long disabilities, or anything in between. However, all injuries have several aspects in common, although the severity and length of time may vary. First, the physical toll may result in pain and suffering, prevent the victim from being able to function normally, prevent him or her from being able to work, and will require medical attention. Second, being unable to work will leave a victim without income and the medical care that is needed, both emergency and rehabilitative, will create a large amount of debt. Finally, the disabilities, nature of the accident, disfigurement, and other losses from the accident can cause psychological trauma.

Thankfully, victims who have been injured due to another party acting negligently or recklessly have the right to seek compensation for all losses that have resulted from the accident. This is found through civil litigation and will often be paid from the insurance of the at-fault party.

Roadblocks to Finding Compensation

Even though many Flint personal injury accidents are easily shown to be the fault of a specific party, proving fault in court can still be difficult. Large companies and even individuals who are responsible for the injuries and losses of another party will work to prevent being proven at fault and paying full and fair compensation to those who have been injured. Additionally, injured victims may hesitate in pursuing compensation due to the identity of the at-fault party. Those injured by friends or family may believe that a lawsuit will harm their loved one, while those facing large companies or rich individuals may be intimidated by the resources the defendant may be able to access. However, hesitation may damage your case as evidence could be lost and the statute of limitations placed on various personal injury cases may prevent you from filing your lawsuit.

Finding Compensation through Dedicated Legal Representation

Understanding your injuries and overcoming the obstacles you face during the search for compensation can become possible with the help of experienced legal representation provided by the Flint personal injury attorneys at Lipton Law. Through years of representing citizens throughout Michigan, our legal team has cultivated the experience and resources needed to make our clients’ cases complete successes. To learn more about how we can aid you in gaining proper compensation from those responsible for your losses, call (248) 557-1688.