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Detroit Car Accident Lawyers

Detroit, also known as the "Motor City", is the largest city in the state of Michigan and is located in Wayne County. In the metropolitan area of Detroit, this city is the primary financial, cultural, and transportation center for the area, boasting a sizeable population of 5.2 million. As Detroit is a major center for commerce and trade, thousands of Detroit residents are on the roads of the Motor City each day commuting for work and play. This may unfortunately mean that you are at an increased risk of being involved a car crash.

An auto, truck or motorcycle accident can be caused by a number of factors, from vehicle defects to driver negligence, but regardless of the reason, it can unquestionably be one of the most traumatic events a person may experience. However, the aftermath of an accident, including seeking the proper benefits and compensation from at-fault parties and recovering from any injuries, can make an already stressful situation even more overwhelming.

For professional legal assistance with your auto accident case, the Detroit car accident lawyers with Lipton Law can help you on the road to recovery.

Michigan No-Fault Insurance: How It Impacts Your Case

No-fault insurance is required by law in the state of Michigan and any owner of a vehicle must buy certain basic coverages if registering and operating a vehicle in the state. As the state of Michigan is a no-fault insurance state, this means that regardless of who is at-fault for the collision, your own insurance company pays most of the economic losses you may incur in an auto accident. In the unfortunate event you have an auto accident, no-fault insurance pays for wage loss benefits, medical expenses, replacement services, and any damage done to another person’s property, no matter who is at-fault for the crash.

How Do I Receive Compensation?

Any Michigan resident who is involved in an auto accident must complete a written Application for Benefits in order to receive no-fault benefits and compensation. The application must be submitted to the proper insurance company within one year of the date of the accident; if not, a person may not be entitled to benefits.

In certain cases, the compensation received under no-fault benefits may not cover all of the accident-related expenses that a person may incur after a collision. In this case, a civil lawsuit may be filed against the party responsible for causing the accident to obtain additional compensation. In order to receive the appropriate amount of compensation you need to recover following an accident, discuss your situation with a skilled car accident lawyer who can advise you of your legal rights and options.

Legal Representation You Can Trust, Results You Can Count On

The Detroit car accident lawyers with Lipton Law understand the serious obstacles and significant difficulties you may face following a collision. Recovering from the trauma of a crash and any potential injuries you may have suffered is hard enough without handling matters with your insurance company and filing a no-fault insurance claim. To help limit the stress and frustration, our experienced legal team handles each case with compassion and dedication, and will work to get you winning results. Call (248) 557-1688 for a complimentary consultation.