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Michigan Police Urge Drivers to Use Caution in Snowy Weather

By Lipton Law on January 25, 2012 - No comments

Michigan had an unseasonably warm winter through the end of 2011. Now that 2012 is here, however, the snowstorms are back – and so are increased risks for accidents, including sliding on snowy, icy, or slushy roads. To help avoid accidents and injuries this winter, police across Michigan are encouraging drivers to use caution, according to a recent article in the Muskegon Chronicle.

Northern Michigan counties, like Muskegon, were hit particularly hard by recent storms, but even communities on the eastern side of the state found themselves buried. When temperatures drop and snowstorms hit, it can become very difficult to see while driving. This increases the risk of an accident – not only with another vehicle, but also with a pedestrian, parked car, or an object like a lamppost, mailbox, or guardrail.

Many Michigan drivers assume that salt, sand, and de-icing chemicals used by state and local road crews will take care of any slippery snow and ice that might cause a crash. However, when temperatures dip too low, salt and chemicals can’t melt snow or ice effectively. The best thing to do for Michigan safe winter driving is slow down and keep extra space between yourself and any vehicles in front of you, according to the Michigan State Police. Even if you slip, you’ll have more room to right your vehicle – and a greater chance of avoiding a crash.

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Four Tips for Safer Winter Driving

By Lipton Law on December 16, 2011 - No comments

Winter driving in Michigan means snow and ice – and plenty of it. To help get yourself and your passengers safely to your destinations this winter, consider the following four winter driving tips.

  1. Leave space. Cars cannot stop as quickly on snowy, icy, or wet roads as they can on dry ones. Leave extra space when you are following or passing a vehicle, so that you and they will have room to maneuver if a vehicle slips or spins.
  2. Clean off your car. Make sure all your lights – including back-up lights and turn signals – are clear of snow. Cleaning the snow off your car’s roof is also a smart safety move, as it prevents snow from flying off your car in transit and blocking another driver’s view.
  3. Slow down when approaching bridges, overpasses, or shady spots. These areas often remain icy even when the rest of the roads are clear, so use caution until you’re sure there’s no ice on these stretches of road to surprise you.
  4. Do not rely on four-wheel drive or cruise control in snowy or icy weather. Four-wheel drive will not help you stop any faster, and cruise control may cause an accident. Rely on your driving skills and pay careful attention to the road.

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