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Teen Drowns at Summer Camp in Van Buren County

By Lipton Law on July 26, 2011 - No comments

A teenager drowned recently while attending a summer camp in Van Buren County, according to a recent news report from WWMT. The teen was participating in an evening swim at Greenwoods Camp for Boys on Lake of the Woods. Four lifeguards were on duty at the time, but once the boy went under, they were unable to pull him from the water in time to save his life.

When rescue workers arrived, it was dark outside and difficult to see the beach or the water. Michigan Department of Human Services regulations for camps prohibit camps from holding water activities between sunset and sunrise, when it is too dark to see what campers are doing in the water and whether they need help. According to camp staff, however, the sun was still up and the beach was lit by floodlights when the boy slipped under the water.

Investigators from multiple agencies, including the Michigan Department of Human Services and the Michigan State Police, are investigating the drowning accident. Since most of the camp staff turned out to help when the emergency whistle was blown, investigators have several witnesses to interview.

Summer camps have provided outdoor fun for generations of young Michiganders, and most camps make camper safety their number-one priority. When an accident occurs, however, the results can be devastating. If your child has been injured during a camp or other activity, please don’t hesitate to contact the experienced Michigan injury lawyers at Lipton Law. We will help you find hold any negligent parties accountable for their actions. To discuss your case with us, call 248-557-1688 today for a free and confidential consultation.