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May is Bicycle Safety Month

By Lipton Law on May 9, 2012 - No comments

Michigan Bike Riding SafetyMay in Michigan usually means the first real spring weather of the year, making it a great time to dust off the family’s bicycles and go for a ride. May is also Bicycle Safety Month, and you can celebrate by implementing the following safety tips:

  • Make it a family rule to wear helmets each time you ride. Children who don’t want to wear helmets at first may warm up to the idea if they are allowed to choose their own helmets.
  • Make sure each person’s helmet fits properly. The helmet should sit evenly on the top of the head and not slip backwards, forwards, or to either side. The chin strap should be buckled so that the helmet hugs the head when the wearer’s mouth is open.
  • Examine both bikes and their riders before hitting the road. Tires should be properly inflated, with no bald, flat, or hard spots. Brakes should work properly, as should gears. All the reflectors should be firmly attached to the bicycle in their proper places. Finally, the bike’s rider should be able to put his or her feet on the ground while sitting on the bicycle.
  • Obey traffic rules while riding on the road. Give “turn signals” using your hand or arm so that people in vehicles know where you are planning to go. Double-check at intersections for vehicles before proceeding.

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