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Help Prevent Michigan Distracted Driving Accidents in Your Community

By Lipton Law on April 10, 2012 - No comments

Southfield Distracted DrivingDistracted driving accidents cause serious injuries and death. While any type of distraction can increase the risk of an accident, research indicates that cell phone use while driving – even when using a hands-free device and refraining from texting or using smart phone apps – presents a huge risk of a crash. The act of conversing or thinking about navigating a cell phone’s menus takes the brain’s attention off the road, making it far too easy to miss something that a driver could otherwise have avoided.

The easiest way to help prevent distracted driving accidents is to avoid using your cell phone or other devices while driving, as well as avoiding other distractions. However, there are also other steps you can take to help make the roads safer, according to advocacy organization Focus Driven.

For instance, Focus Driven recommends contacting your elected representatives to encourage them to support bills that cut down on distracted driving. You can also form a group of your own to push for safer roads. Owners of businesses can implement company-wide policies that prohibit using cell phones while also operating a car, and sticking to them by encouraging drivers to wait until they’re parked to answer or make work-related calls.

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