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Patients Are the Ones Who Suffer from a Delayed Diagnosis

By Lipton Law on September 21, 2012 - No comments

Macomb County Misdiagnosis InjurySeeking medical attention, we trust that medical professionals will provide a high standard of care when giving us a proper and timely diagnosis; administering medication; or performing a surgical procedure. This is especially the case when ailments may have to do with a serious illness or cancer. If you go to your physician or the emergency room and are released with the improper diagnosis or no diagnosis at all, this could lead to potential problems if you actually have a disease.

If you aren’t provided with timely and accurate medical treatment and care for a specific medical condition, the condition could worsen, lead to additional problems, or even cause death; none of which are pleasant to think about and are considered “never-events” in the medical community, meaning they should never happen in the first place.

What can a person do after discovering that they’ve been the victim of a delayed diagnosis? You first, may want to consider getting medical treatment as quickly as possible to ensure that the failure to properly diagnose the condition can be rectified. Next, you may want to seek competent legal representation to aid in your recovery.

Compensation for the injury inflicted on you or the worsening of a medical condition because of a medical professional’s oversight or negligence is not just a right you may have but a necessity to safeguard your medical and financial future. The MI delayed diagnosis lawyers at Lipton Law have the legal experience and skills to successfully handle claims associated with a doctor’s delayed diagnosis. We are available to help you at (248) 557-1688. To learn more about your legal rights and options, call us for a free consultation.