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Third-Party Liability Can Increase Compensation for a Michigan Workplace Injury

By Lipton Law on July 20, 2011 - No comments

When a Michigan worker is injured while on-the-job, workers’ compensation insurance may provide coverage for medical bills, lost wages, and other costs the worker has to pay in order to take care of and recover from the injury. Since Michigan workers’ compensation payments are set by law, however, they may not cover the full costs of a serious injury. When an injury is caused by someone who is not the injured worker’s employer, a third-party liability suit can help cover the bills that workers’ comp payments miss.

Third-party liability occurs when a third person, who is not the worker or the employer, acts negligently or intentionally in a way that injures someone who is at work. For instance, a company that builds a defective machine may be liable if that machine injures a worker who is using it while on-the-job. Although the details of each third-party liability case are unique, any third party who fails to use reasonable care to protect the safety of others may be held liable for the injuries and related losses that their neglect causes.

Like many other cases filed in Michigan, a third-party liability case must be filed within a certain amount of time after the injury occurs. In Michigan, a worker must file a third-party liability case within one year after they are injured. If the worker doesn’t file the case within one year, their employer may choose to file it on their behalf.

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