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Safety Tips to Avoid a Dangerous Pedestrian Accident in Flint, MI

By Lipton Law on August 7, 2012 - No comments

MI Pedestrian Auto AccidentResidents of Flint, MI have a many ways to travel and commute and get where they need to go; however, walking is certainly a popular option as it is affordable, health conscious, and environmentally friendly. Those who choose to travel on two feet, though, should be aware of the unique hazards that pedestrians face in order to stay safe on the roads of Flint. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 4,092 pedestrians were killed and approximately 59,000 were injured in traffic accidents in 2009. On average, a pedestrian was killed every two hours and injured every nine minutes in a traffic accident.

These alarming statistics show that the safety of walkers is not guaranteed, so in order to avoid a serious pedestrian accident, WalkingInfo.org offers the following pedestrian safety tips:

  1. Make yourself visible to drivers: Pedestrians should wear bright or light colored clothing to increase visibility. Also, carrying a flashlight at night and crossing in well-lit areas only after the sun sets can help ensure motorists see you.
  2. Be alert and avoid dangerous behaviors: When on two feet, travel distraction-free by not wearing headphones or using your cell phone, which will keep you alert and aware of oncoming hazards. Pedestrians should also look before crossing the road and make eye contact with drivers to make sure they see you, as well as walk sober to decrease the possibility of an accident.
  3. Stay cautious at crossings: Pedestrians should obey traffic signals and cross at marked crosswalks or intersections, if possible. Before crossing, look across all lanes to make sure it is clear before proceeding, and watch out for turning vehicles that may not see you until it is too late.

The Flint personal injury lawyers of Lipton Law encourage people across the state of Michigan to be safe, alert, and distraction-free when walking, running, or jogging on the open roads. However, even the safest pedestrian cannot prevent an accident when a motorist is driving in a negligent manner. If you have been injured by the negligence of another party, call our experienced legal team at (248) 557-1688 to discuss your case.


Tips for Pedestrian Safety around Large Trucks

By Lipton Law on October 14, 2011 - No comments

In Metro Detroit and other cities, many people walk in order to get where they’re going. City streets are also frequently used by semi trucks and other large trucks making deliveries. Pedestrian-truck crashes can cause serious injury because pedestrians are difficult for a truck driver to see and have no protection against the damage a crash can cause.

The U.S. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) offers the following tips for pedestrians on staying safe around large trucks:

Pay attention to walkways. Always use sidewalks and crosswalks when they are available, but be ready to move out of the way if you see a large truck, especially at an intersection. Semi trucks need more space than a passenger car in order to maneuver, and they may also ride up onto a sidewalk or curb while making a right turn. Be prepared to move if a large truck needs to get through.

Never assume a truck will stop. Large trucks need significantly more distance to stop than passenger vehicles, motorcycles, or bicycles. Even if a truck driver sees you crossing the street, he or she may not be able to stop the truck in time to avoid hitting you. Let large trucks pass before you cross a street.

Take extra care around wide loads. Extra-wide or extra-long loads make a driver less likely to see you. They also need even more space to stop, back up and turn than an ordinary semi. If you see a wide load, stay well away from the truck to avoid a collision.

Large truck accidents can cause serious injury, especially to pedestrians. If you’ve been injured in a truck accident and need help, call the experienced Michigan truck accident attorneys at Lipton Law today. We can help you protect your legal rights and seek compensation from insurance companies and other parties. For a free consultation, call us today at 248-557-1688.