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Debate Continues on Reducing Michigan No-Fault Benefits

By Lipton Law on February 21, 2012 - No comments

A bill introduced in the Michigan legislature in October 2011 would end Michigan’s lifetime no-fault insurance benefits and allow drivers to choose up to $5 million in lifetime coverage instead. Although the bill is approaching the six-month anniversary of its introduction, it’s no closer to being passed, and instead is facing strong opposition and even a lawsuit, according to a recent article in the Livingston Daily.

The bill’s sponsor has argued that the bill would lower no-fault insurance premiums in Michigan by forcing injured drivers to take more responsibility for their own coverage. Currently, he says that Michigan’s lifetime benefits arrangement for seriously injured drivers is raising auto insurance premiums.

Opponents believe that, given the option, young drivers, those with previous DUI convictions, and other high-risk drivers will opt for lower coverage, which might leave them unable to pay their medical bills if they are hurt in a serious MI auto accident. The bill also appropriates $50,000 for a publicity campaign for the new law, if it passes. Because bills with appropriations in them cannot be re-considered by Michigan voters on a referendum, opponents of the bill are particularly concerned with defeating it in the legislature, before it can reach the governor’s desk for a signature.

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Michigan No-Fault Insurance Series, Part 4: Types of Benefits

By Lipton Law on September 20, 2011 - No comments

This post is part four in a five-part series published by Lipton Law, a Southfield no-fault insurance law firm that hopes to raise awareness and understanding about no-fault benefits. This post discusses the types of services and other losses that may be covered by a Michigan no-fault insurance policy.

Michigan no-fault insurance benefits are intended to cover personal injury losses when someone is injured in a vehicle-related accident in Michigan. The benefits are available not only for victims of car crashes, but also those who suffer injuries in bicycle or pedestrian accidents and passengers in motor vehicles. And the benefits available pay for much more than the initial medical expenses of the crash itself.

When a car accident causes injury, it’s easy to assume that the “medical bills” paid by no-fault insurance cover acute needs, like ambulances and emergency surgery. No-fault insurance does cover these acute needs. However, no-fault benefits are also available for the long-term medical needs a person may suffer if a car crash injury causes permanent injury. These include payments for:

  • Attendants, such as home health aides;
  • Case management services, so injured persons can focus on recovery and leave the paperwork to a case manager;
  • Hospital, follow-up care, therapy, prescription drug, and equipment benefits;
  • Payments to modify a home or vehicle so a disabled person can move around;
  • Medical mileage payments to cover the cost of traveling to and from medical appointments;
  • Household chores and replacement services, like mowing the lawn or cleaning;
  • Wage and income loss payments; and
  • Survivor’s benefits for those who lose a loved one in a crash.

In order to have the best possible recovery after an accident, it’s important to receive the full amount of no-fault benefits to which you are entitled. At Lipton Law, our experienced no-fault benefits lawyers in Southfield can help you ensure you are receiving all the benefits your premiums have paid for, giving you the chance to focus on moving forward after an accident. To discuss your legal rights and options and find out how we can help, call Lipton Law today at 248-577-1688 for a free consultation.