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Michigan Dram Shop Law May Hold Taverns Responsible in an Accident

By Lipton Law on August 22, 2011 - No comments

When a driver chooses to drive under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol and injures someone else as a result, it’s normal to look into the behavior of the driver who caused the crash. However, it’s also important to figure out who else might be responsible for part or all of the accident. Michigan’s dram shop laws allow those who are injured in drunk driving accidents to hold responsible the places that sold the alcohol to the drunk driver in certain situations.

“Dram shop” laws are called as such because “dram shop” used to be a catch-all term for bars, taverns, and any other establishment that sold alcohol to patrons. The law still applies to places that serve alcoholic beverages, including bars and restaurants. In Michigan, a shop that sells alcohol to a minor or to a visibly intoxicated person may be liable if the minor or intoxicated person then causes harm to someone else, such as in car accident. In order to hold a seller of alcohol responsible, however, the injured person must demonstrate to the court that selling or giving the alcohol to the minor or intoxicated person would foreseeably result in an injury or fatal accident.

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