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Just Because Talking on Cell Phones While Driving in Michigan is Legal for Some, Doesn’t Make it Safe

By Lipton Law on September 26, 2012 - No comments

Unlike many other states, the use of cell phones, without a hands-free function for making/receiving calls in a motor vehicle, is legal in Michigan. (There is a very limited exception for teenagers, interstate truckers, and bus drivers who are not permitted to use cell phones while driving.) The only prohibition is the use of a wireless device for sending and receiving texts.

Southfield Distraction Accident InjuryWhile there are fines for the illegal use of a cell phone, the fines become inconsequential should you, or someone you love, become the victim of a driver who was distracted by the legal or illegal use of a cell phone. The overwhelming sense of guilt is too much to bear if your text was the reason the driver was distracted, contributing to the accident.

Regardless of whether the driver was in violation of the Michigan cell phone law, the accident which directly resulted from that use may have caused personal injury to you or someone you love. Once the horror, anger, and fear associated with the traffic accident begins to wear off, you will need to deal with the expenses piling up while you try to get back your health. Getting better should be your only focus. Compensation for your medical bills, loss of wages, and for your physical suffering should be left to those experienced and skilled in handling these matters for you.

The MI car crash lawyers at Lipton Law are trained to navigate all the legal aspects of your recovery. In our success protecting the rights of our clients and helping them hold negligent parties liable, we are committed to helping you seek the compensation that you deserve. Please call us at (248) 557-1688 for a free consultation.


Government May Propose Nationwide Distracted Driving Guidelines

By Lipton Law on July 3, 2012 - No comments

Southfield Distracted Driver PreventionRay LaHood, the Secretary for the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), recently revealed a blueprint for increased federal efforts and pressure on states to crack down on distracted driving. LaHood noted that the dangerous problem of distracted driving is especially acute among teen and young adult drivers, and stated that it is imperative to teach teens that driving and texting do not mix.

The Secretary also stated that one in every 10 highway fatalities is caused by distracted driving, showing how dangerous this nationwide epidemic is and the importance of federal distracted driving prevention measures.

In an effort to prevent distracted driving, the DOT has awarded $2.4 million to California and Delaware for pilot projects that will combine increased police enforcement with publicity campaigns against distracted driving. LaHood, who has made distracted driving a high-profile crusade, stated similar pilot projects in Syracuse, NY and Hartford, CT have successfully reduced distracted driving.

The DOT Secretary has also called on automakers to support voluntary government guidelines to ensure dashboard technologies, which are increasingly being added to vehicles, don’t distract drivers. However, he opted to not make these guidelines mandatory. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has publicly called for a complete ban on cell phone use by drivers, including hands-free devices, which may be something the government may consider in the future as a means to combat the problem of distracted driving.

Currently, thirty-nine states and the District of Columbia (D.C.) prohibit texting while driving, and ten states (including D.C.) ban all handheld cell phone use behind the wheel. The DOT Secretary realizes that there is “much more work to do,” but these proposed safety measures may be an excellent way to prevent distracted driving across the country.

Distracted driving is a contributing factor in auto accidents in Michigan and across the nation, and drivers who choose to not focus solely on the road may cause a dangerous collision. The Southfield distracted driving accident attorneys at Lipton Law understand how devastating an auto accident can be and the challenges you may face afterward. Our legal team can help you obtain the compensation you need to recover and will help you through every step of your case. Call (248) 557-1688 for a no-cost consultation.