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MI Medical Malpractice Reform Bills: Giving Bad Doctors Immunity?

By Lipton Law on August 17, 2012 - No comments

MI Med Malpractice BillA report by MLive.com examines the recent controversy over Senate Bills 1115-1118, which focuses on changes to medical malpractice laws in Michigan. An assembly held in July prompted 300 people to turn out for testimony regarding the proposed legislation changes, and much of the debate focused on Senate Bill 1116.

This Bill states that a healthcare professional or facility would not be liable if the physician acted with “reasonable and good-faith belief” that his or her conduct was “well-founded in medicine and in the patient’s best interests.” Another controversial bill is 1115, which would reduce the amount of damages that can be awarded to medical malpractice victim.

Supporters of these medical malpractice reform bills, which include insurers and doctors, assert that the reform would improve access to healthcare and address inequities in liability statutes. Supporters feel creating a more “welcoming” environment would help address the looming physician shortage in MI as many doctors are reaching retirement age. However, personal injury lawyers, their clients, and medical malpractice victims feel the bills would make it more difficult to win medical malpractice cases and basically give bad doctors immunity from their misdoings.

At press time, the Senate Insurance Committee had not voted on the reform bills and it may not be discussed until the new session resumes.

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