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MI Personal Injury Lawyers Marc Lipton and Jody Lipton of Lipton Law Co-Hosted Supreme Challenge Fundraiser 2012

By Lipton Law on July 20, 2012 - No comments

The Supreme Challenge Fundraiser 2012 is a fundraising event created to help restore fairness and justice to the Michigan Supreme Court. The event was held on July 12 and was co-hosted by Marc Lipton and Jody Lipton of the Michigan personal injury law firm Lipton Law and Laura Eisenberg of the family law firm Alexander, Eisenberg & Spilman. Individuals in attendance were asked to donate to support three exceptional candidates for the Michigan Supreme Court: Judge Sheila Johnson, Professor Bridget Mary McCormack, and Judge Connie Marie Kelly. Each of these outstanding candidates is endorsed by the Michigan Democratic Party.

The decisions made by the Michigan Supreme Court significantly impact the lives of men, women, and families across the state of Michigan. However, unfortunately more than 80 percent of the current decisions of the court have benefited banks, insurance companies, special interest groups, and polluters at the expense of the state’s middle class families.

The Supreme Challenge Fundraiser 2012 was held not only to raise money for Supreme Court candidates who will undoubtedly be catalysts for positive change, but also to emphasize the significance of having women’s voices heard in government. The Supreme Challenge Fundraiser event also emphasized the ways in which justice and equity can be preserved in the Michigan Supreme Court and why this is essential for the people of Michigan as well as the future of the state.

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Marc Lipton Named President of Michigan Association for Justice

By Lipton Law on May 15, 2012 - No comments

Attorney Marc Lipton of Lipton Law was recently named president of the Michigan Association for Justice (MAJ).

The MAJ is an 1,800-member attorney’s association in which personal injury attorneys can gather to share knowledge and information, learn more about new and innovative topics in the law, and improve their skills in representing those who have been injured by the negligence of another person or company. According to the organization’s mission statement, its members “work to promote safety for all Michigan citizens by standing up for accountability and responsibility.”

Michigan Personal Injury AttorneysThe Michigan Association for Justice is governed by a 70-member board that includes committees on various specific legal topics, such as medical malpractice and employment discrimination. Other committees devote their time to member education and organizing ways that the member attorneys can serve their respective communities. The board is overseen by a five-member executive committee, and the members choose a new committee each spring.

The organization is committed to helping not only its own members, but also the community. Through programs like the People’s Law School and its annual helmet drives, the MAJ has helped Michigan residents from all walks of life learn more about their legal rights and avoid injury.

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