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Number of Deer-Vehicle Accidents in Macomb County Down from Previous Years

By Lipton Law on August 21, 2012 - No comments

For residents across the state of Michigan, the sighting of a majestic deer is a common and awe-inspiring occurrence, but this can be particularly dangerous if one of these stately creatures wanders out into a road with oncoming motorists. However, recent statistics reveal a decline in Macomb County deer-vehicle accidents, according to a report from The Voice. Data from MichiganTrafficFacts.org shows that there were a total of 543 deer-car collisions in 2011, a significant decrease from the 643 crashes in 2010 and 648 in 2009. Of this 2011 total, 41 were in Chesterfield Township and seven were in New Baltimore, which is also a decline from the 60 and eight in these towns in 2010, respectively.

MI Deer Car CrashA deer and elk specialist with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources explains that there are several reasons the number of deer-vehicle accidents could be down, including a stabilization of the deer population in southern Michigan. He also notes that in some areas, the deer population is also declining. In addition, the hot and dry weather is keeping water out of ditches, which means deer may be in areas where there are deeper ditches, such as County Line Road and 25 Mile Road in New Baltimore. Another possible reason may be the fewer amount of motorists on the road due to economic conditions, which also reduces the risk of crashes.

In the event you encounter a deer while driving, an ABC 10 report suggests never swerving to avoid a deer, even though it is a natural reaction. More damage and injury is at stake when you swerve to avoid impact with the deer as the risk increases for hitting oncoming traffic, a tree, a mailbox, ditch, or other dangerous object. A driver should take his or her foot off the gas and keep a straight course so as to reduce damage and avoid higher insurance rates.

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