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Michigan’s New Fireworks Laws Have Some Predicting Increased Injuries

By Lipton Law on June 4, 2012 - No comments

Michigan’s new fireworks law, which went into effect on January 1, 2012, allows residents to legally buy some types of fireworks that shoot into the air, including bottle rockets and Roman candles. Supporters of the law predict it will increase revenue and stop people from driving to Indiana or Ohio for fireworks. Others, however, predict that serious injuries will increase.

Southfield Fireworks SafetyJune first through July fourth is National Fireworks Safety Month, recognizing that most fireworks-related injuries occur during this time. Eye injuries are a particular concern when it comes to projectile fireworks like bottle rockets and Roman candles. Most of those who suffer fireworks-related eye injuries are children under 15, but anyone can be hurt by fireworks.

To protect yourself and others from fireworks injuries this summer, never allow children to handle or light fireworks. Assign a single adult to light all fireworks, and keep everyone else several yards away from the fireworks-lighting area for maximum fireworks safety. You may also decide to skip fireworks at home and go to professional shows instead, but remember that these shows may also pose a risk of injury.

Fireworks safety is crucial to having a safe and fun summer. If you’ve been injured in a fireworks-related accident and need help, please don’t hesitate to call a skilled Wayne County personal injury attorney at Lipton Law. We’ll help you investigate the details of your accident and fight to hold any negligent parties responsible. Call us today at (248) 557-1688 for a free, confidential telephone consultation.