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Six Ways to Keep Fireworks Safe This Independence Day

By Lipton Law on June 29, 2011 - No comments

Fireworks are a traditional part of Fourth of July celebrations in the United States. The variety of light and color against a star-studded night sky is the perfect way to end a day of parties, picnics, and parades. Since fireworks are designed to explode, however, they can cause serious injury if they’re not used properly. Following these six simple safety tips can help you and your family avoid injuries at your Fourth of July festivities.

  1. Buy only fireworks that are designed for consumers, include warnings or instructions, and are legal in your state.
  2. Keep a bucket of water or a hose handy in the fireworks-lighting area. If the weather has been dry, soak the area thoroughly with water before lighting any fireworks.
  3. Choose one adult to be responsible for lighting fireworks. That adult should be the only person in the fireworks-lighting area, and he or she should stay there only as long as it takes to light each firework. Never let children light fireworks or play with them.
  4. Light fireworks one at a time, and do not try to re-light fireworks that didn’t go off the first time.
  5. Do not try to make your own fireworks, and do not accept fireworks that are not made by professional fireworks-making companies.
  6. Before throwing away used fireworks, dunk them in a bucket of water to make sure any sparks or fire is completely out. Smouldering fireworks can start a trash fire.

By keeping these six tips in mind, you can reduce the risk that a fireworks-related injury will put an end to your Independence Day celebrations. If a family member has been injured by fireworks, the experienced Southfield injury lawyers at Lipton Law can help you hold responsible parties accountable for any negligence that may have led to the injury. Call us today at 248-557-1688 for a confidential consultation.