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After Serious Accident, Michigan Teen Encourages Classmates to Be Safe Drivers

By Lipton Law on April 2, 2012 - No comments

Two years ago, two teenagers from the mid-Michigan town of Merrill lost their lives in a car accident and a third passenger in the vehicle suffered a severe traumatic brain injury when the car in which the three were riding left the road and struck a tree. Now, the surviving teen is poised to graduate from high school, but not before encouraging her classmates to drive safely and avoid the pain and struggle she has suffered.

The recovering teen spoke to an assembly of her classmates at Merrill High School recently, encouraging them to drive carefully and avoid having to make a split-second decision that could end in tragedy. She showed photos of the crash that left her injured and took the lives of her two friends. Since she still struggles with speaking after the crash, her words were also transcribed and shown on-screen. The teen was joined by another teenager and new friend, who lost his father in a similar serious accident in 1994, and who also shared how a car accident can change a young person’s life.

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