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Great Lakes Drownings Are Up, Says Study

By Lipton Law on January 16, 2012 - No comments

The number of people who drowned in the Great Lakes in 2011 increased over the number in 2010, according to a recent article in the Marquette Mining Journal.

The Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project counted 87 lives lost by drowning in the Great Lakes last year, up from 74 the year before. However, some locations along the Great Lakes saw fewer drownings, thanks to increased community effort to prevent these deaths. For instance, Marquette managed to bring its 2011 drownings total to zero, with not a single life lost off the city’s shores.

Marquette attributes its success at eliminating Great Lakes drownings to the efforts of the community’s newly-created Water Safety Task Force, which took several steps to warn swimmers and improve safety on Marquette’s beaches. For instance, lifeguard stands were added on several beaches, and one lifeguard on a previously unpatrolled beach actually saved a swimmer in distress last season. Rip current warning buoys and signs were also added at another beach, the site of several 2010 drownings in which powerful rip currents prevented swimmers from returning to shore.

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