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After Workplace Accident, One Detroit Woman Re-envisions “Work”

By Lipton Law on December 7, 2011 - No comments

For many years of her life, a female Detroit resident worked for an automotive company. After an accident at work left her totally disabled, however, she began to re-think what it meant to “work” and wanted to find ways she can still help her community, even if the full-time daily grind is no longer an option for her.

The woman suffered a workplace accident several years ago when the bushing of an automatic door she was walking through fell on her. She suffered severe nerve damage and other symptoms that caused pain, sleeplessness, memory and thinking problems, and other disabilities. She needed nearly three years to learn to live in a way that kept her injuries from preventing her from doing anything at all.

Now, several years after the accident, she is still unable to hold a full-time job due to her serious injuries. However, they haven’t stopped her from donating her time and vision to “We Want Green, Too,” an organization she founded that focuses on transforming Detroit communities in the wake of some of the worst unemployment and economic losses in the nation. The organization focuses on creating a sustainable Detroit by educating people and training them in “green” building practices, including restoration of some of the city’s aging housing stock.

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