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Car Accident Injuries Can Be Costly, According to NSC Report

By Lipton Law on December 22, 2011 - No comments

The National Safety Council (NSC) estimates that the costs of unintentional injuries due to car accidents in recent years can be staggering, especially for a person or family with few assets. In its report on the costs of unintentional injuries suffered in car accidents, the NSC breaks down the numbers in detail.

In 2009, the NSC estimated that the average car accident involving property damage created $6,300 in costs. Injuries and disabilities suffered by drivers, passengers, or pedestrians averaged $68,100. And the total economic costs of a person who died as the result of a car accident averaged over $1.2 million.

The NSC’s numbers represent more than just the medical bills an injured person faces after a crash. They also include lost wages, the costs of repairing a damaged vehicle, and “administrative expenses”, like the cost of bus fare until a vehicle is fixed. All of these costs, however, affect those who are involved in accidents, making the NSC’s numbers a better approximation of what these accidents cost than merely looking at medical bills alone.

Not all of these bills are paid out of a driver’s pocket in every case. For instance, no-fault insurance in Michigan and other states often pays the medical bills and other expenses associated with a crash. Similarly, a car accident that happens when the driver or passengers are traveling for work purposes may be covered by workers’ compensation insurance in many states.

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