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Clinic Offering Bionic Options for Paraplegics Opens in UK

By Lipton Law on March 29, 2012 - No comments

A clinic offering bionic technology that might help paraplegic individuals walk again recently opened in Yorkshire in the United Kingdom. Similar clinics in the United States might not be far behind, according to an article in the Yorkshire Post.

Paraplegia Treatment MichiganThe “bionic suit” is one of several treatment options offered by the clinic. It consists of a robotic “suit”, or exoskeleton, that the patient wears over his or her paralyzed legs. The suit sends electrical impulses to the muscles in the legs, similar to those the brain would send them to signal them to walk if a spinal cord injury had not interrupted the connection between the brain and legs. Patients who use the suit often find that they can walk with little or no assistance while in it.

The suit is not yet appropriate for every patient, say researchers. Its weight makes it difficult to maneuver, requiring patients to have good muscle tone in order to use it. However, it has given some patients, including both spinal cord injury sufferers and patients with certain types of neurological diseases, a new way to move and a new source of hope.

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