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Three Tips to Help Michiganders Avoid Slip and Fall Injuries This Winter

By Lipton Law on December 27, 2011 - No comments

Snow is a winter inevitability in Michigan, and snow and ice buildup on sidewalks and driveways can turn an ordinary trip to the mailbox or down the street into a hazardous journey. Here are some ways you can help yourself avoid a slip and fall or other injury this year when you’re walking around in the snow.

  1. Choose footwear with good traction. Boots with rubber soles and deep grooves for traction are your best bet on Michigan’s snow and ice, according to the Michigan Podiatric Medical Association. These boots can help you stay upright and also avoid accidents like twisting an ankle or breaking a toe.
  2. Avoid the heels. Women’s fashion boots often have heels over an inch high – a bad idea when you’re trying to walk safely on a slippery surface. Keep heels under an inch, or choose winter boots with no heels at all, and change your footwear when you reach your destination.
  3. Warm yourself up. Avoid injuries like sprains, strains, and pulled muscles by doing some light exercises before going out to shovel or clear snow. These exercises will also limber up your body so that if you do fall, you have a greater chance of catching yourself and a lower chance of suffering serious injuries.

Slip and fall injuries can cause serious physical damage. If you or someone you love has been injured in a slip and fall accident in Michigan, please don’t hesitate to call the experienced Southfield slip and fall injury attorneys at Lipton Law. Our number is (248) 557-1688. The initial consultation is free, and any information you share with us is kept confidential.

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