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Understanding Michigan Rollover Accidents

By Lipton Law on July 24, 2012 - No comments

Michigan Rollover Crash InjuryAuto accidents of any kind have the potential to cause severe damage and serious injuries to the occupants of the vehicles involved; however, one of the more dangerous types of crashes is a rollover accident, which is one of the deadliest risks for SUV, minivan, and truck occupants.

According to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), more than 280,000 rollover crashes occur annually in the U.S., ultimately claiming more than 10,000 lives. Because of the seriousness of these types of crashes, it is imperative motorists in Michigan understand why they happen in order to try and prevent them.

Rollover Accident Causes

Rollover accidents are directly related to a vehicle’s stability in turns, which is influenced by the relationship between the center of gravity and the track width (the distance between the left and right wheels). A high center of gravity and narrow track width may make a vehicle unstable in fast turns or acute changes in direction, which can increase the odds it will tip over. This particular problem is more pronounced in four-wheel-drive SUVs and pickup trucks, both of which have a higher ground clearance for off-road driving.

Rollover Risk Rating System

To help motorists select safe vehicles and aid the NHTSA in predicting which vehicles are very likely to overturn, the rollover rating system was introduced by the NHTSA in 2001. The rollover ratings system, based on a five star ratings system, is based on an engineering analysis of a vehicle’s center of gravity and the width between the front tires. For confirmation, these results are then compared with police accident reports. In the system, five stars equals a rollover risk of less than 10 percent, and one star indicates a rollover risk of 40 percent or more.

Compensation to Recover After a Rollover Accident

Rollover accidents are extremely dangerous and put the safety of the vehicle’s occupants at risk, and being a safe and cautious driver is not always enough to prevent a crash. The rollover accident lawyers in Oakland County of Lipton Law understand how difficult coping with the aftermath of any accident can be and are committed to obtaining compensation for accident victims so that they can focus on recovery. If you feel your rollover accident was caused by another’s negligence, call us to discuss your case at (248) 557-1688.



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