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Retired Judges Return to the Bench in Jackson County

By Lipton Law on August 11, 2011 - No comments

Two retired judges have returned to the courtroom in Jackson County to help handle the increase in cases left behind by the recent departure of Judge Chad Schmucker, who left to become the state’s court administrator, according to a recent article in The Jackson Citizen-Patriot. The judges are handling both criminal cases and civil cases, such as Michigan medical malpractice disputes.

Circuit Judge Edward Grant, who retired in 2007, returned to the bench in a vacant courtroom on the fifth floor of the county courthouse to oversee a complex criminal case. A few weeks later, Circuit Judge Charles Nelson presided in the same courtroom over a complicated medical malpractice case, which was expected to take at least a week to conclude. Judge Nelson retired in 2006.

By handling cases as needed, Judge Grant and Judge Nelson are helping to take the pressure off the county’s other Circuit Court judges, who had shared out the extra work among them. The governor is expected to appoint a judge to fill the vacancy permanently, but he has not yet made a decision. At least 10 local attorneys have applied for the position.

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