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Lipton Law In the News 

Lipton Law Stands Against Capping Benefits to Accident Victims

Governor Snyder’s new proposal on Michigan’s No-Fault Insurance would cap benefits that car accident victims can receive at one million dollars.  For many car accident victims, this amount will not secure the medical coverage a car accident victim actually needs.  Lipton Law, the Southfield, Michigan person injury law firm,  recommends you read this article and let your local state representative know that you do not agree with this change.

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Lipton Law is Concerned about Governor Snyder’s New Proposal

The new proposal put forth by Governor Snyder would have devastating consequences on Michigan car-accident victims and their families.  Lipton Law, the Southfield, Michigan personal injury law firm, strongly encourages you to take a look at these articles and tell Governor Snyder that you won’t stand for this change.  It is time that families and individuals come before insurance companies when making policy.

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Lipton Law’s Own, Marc Lipton, Named to Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee

Michigan residents and their families that were devastated by the meningitis outbreak can take some solace in the fact that Marc Lipton of Lipton Law, the Southfield, Michigan personal injury law firm, will be representing them on the Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee in the Multi-District litigation. With his appointment, Lipton Law will be in the driver’s seat, pushing the gas pedal towards recovery for Michigan victims.

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Lipton Law Excited to Sponsor Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan Fund’s Heart of Champions Gala

Lipton Law, the Southfield, Michigan personal injury law firm is proud to announce its sponsorship of the 2013 Heart of Champions Gala to benefit the Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan Fund that will take place on March 14, 2013 at the Fox Theatre.

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Lawsuit Filed for Michigan Residents Affected by Meningitis Outbreak

The number of people infected by the fungal meningitis outbreak continues to climb.

There are 231 cases of fungal meningitis in the nation, including 15 deaths – in 15 states.

In Michigan, there are 47 cases, with three deaths.

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  • In Detroit, Meningitis Lawsuit is Filed for Howell Woman

  • Target is steroid maker in Massachusetts


  • A class action has been filed for Michigan residents sickened by tainted steroid injections believed to be responsible for a fungal meningitis outbreak that has killed 15 people across the country.View Article
  • Michigan Has 1st Fungal Meningitis Lawsuit

    Attorney Marc Lipton files lawsuit in Federal court in Detroit.

    A Howell woman who is hospitalized with fungal meningitis is suing the pharmacy where the steroids came from.

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  • Lipton Law Supports the Campaign for Kelly, Johnson and McCormack

    Lipton Law supports three remarkable women: Judge Connie Kelley, Judge Shelia Johnson and Bridget McCormack, who are leading our charge to reclaim our supreme court for Michigan families.


  • Marc E. Lipton Named President of Michigan Association for Justice

    The Southfield personal injury law firm of Lipton Law is proud to announce that attorney Marc E. Lipton has been named President of the Michigan Association for Justice. This distinct honor is given to a lawyer committed to helping working families in Michigan attain justice when tragedy strikes as a result of negligence or recklessness. In his role as Michigan Association for Justice President, Marc will help lead a dedicated group of approximately 1,800 member lawyers who work daily to spread awareness about safety and take a stand against individuals and entities responsible for causing others to suffer injury, illness, or death.

    In being governed by an executive board made up of about 70 members and five officers, the Michigan Association for Justice is devoted to bettering the lives of those who have suffered injuries at work, on the road, at a hospital, or in another setting in which another’s negligence was detrimental. As a lawyer with extensive experience handling cases involving motor vehicle accidents, premises liability, medical malpractice, construction accidents, and defective products, Marc has the knowledge and tenacity to fulfill his duties as President of the Michigan Association for Justice.

    • Visit Michigan Association for Justice website

  • Michigan Personal Injury Attorneys at Lipton Law Launch Mobile Site

    The Southfield, MI personal injury lawyers at Lipton Law are proud to announce the debut of their mobile website.

    In the technological flood society is drenched in, waiting to get home or go the library to access the Internet on a computer may not be soon enough. The advancements of cell phones, iPhones and Smart Phones specifically, have made accessing the Internet not only quicker, but more efficient.

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  • Michigan Bills Recently Introduced Cause Debate Over Medical Malpractice Cases

    The trauma of medical malpractice for a patient is indescribable. Not only is there a sense of trust being betrayed, but due to the often invasive aspects of surgery, medical treatment, and other aspects of hospital care or diagnosis screenings, any act of negligence on the part of a medical professional or facility has the capability of changing a person’s life forever. With that being said, four bills recently introduced in Michigan, Senate Bill 1115, Senate Bill 1116, Senate Bill 1117, and Senate Bill 1118, have raised debate over who would really benefit.

    The main characteristic of medical malpractice that these bills would change is the limitation of non-economic damages, which includes the loss of household and other services. As Southfield personal injury lawyer Marc E. Lipton posited, “Who usually provides those household services?” As you may gather, Marc is suggesting that the bills would seem to do women a disservice in denying them compensation in the event that their lives are shaken by medical malpractice.

    The bills would also significantly cap, or limit, the amount of damages a person could receive in a medical malpractice lawsuit. Since the bills would protect medical professionals from being sued if the alleged malpractice is believed to have been “the exercise of professional judgment”, other critics of the bills claim that they give doctors who have made catastrophic mistakes immunity.

    • Republicans introduce bills to protect docs in med mal cases

  • 2012 Michigan Health & Rehab Conference

    Jody Lipton will be doing a break out session at the 2012 Michigan Health and Rehab Conference being held on Thursday, April 19, 2012 at the Best Western Sterling Inn.

    • View the Conference Brochure (PDF)

  • Legacy Society Spring Tribute Dinner & Auction

    Jody Lipton was the Legislative Liaison Co-Chair for theBIAMI Spring Tribute Legacy Society Dinner that took place on March 31, 2012 at The Diamond Center at The Suburban Collection Showplace. Lipton Law was also a VIP Reception Sponsor for the event.

    • April 13, 2012 – View the Press Release on Lipton Law’s Involvement in the BIAMI Event

  • Crash Course: What’s in Your Policy

    • 3/01/11 - JARC
      Attorney Jody Lipton offers a “Crash Course” on helping Michigan drivers get the auto coverage they need.
    • 3/08/11 – NCJW
    • 3/25/11 – Farbman Group
    • 4/14/11 – Baker College
    • 4/17/11 – Temple Emanuel Oak Park
    • 4/28/11 – Lakeland Center
    • 5/12/11 – (Troy) and 5/18/11 (Novi) Inforum
    • 5/22/11 – Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church
    • 5/23/11 – (Sterling Heights) and 6/27/11 (Novi) Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan
    • 6/02/11 – Rotary Club of Bloomfield Hills
    • 6/14/11 – Medical Professionals, Inc.
    • 6/22/11 – Metro Home Health Care
    • 6/08/11 – Quicken Loans
    • 7/20/11 – Tender Home Health Care
    • 7/26/11 – The Med Team
    • 7/30/11 – Good Faith of Fight Ministry

    TBA Fall 2011 – The Birmingham Community House
    8/25/11 – At Home Network Inc
    8/11/11 – Macomb Networking Group

    9/7/11 – Michigan Association of Justice No-Fault Institute

  • Carnival of Care

    Come see Lipton Law support the Carnival of Careat their Motown Moves and Memories Fundraiseron October 29, 2011.












    • Crash Course Seminar

      Jody B. Lipton will give her seminar, Crash Course, at the Birmingham Community house on October 18, 2011.

    • Crash Course Seminar

      Crash Course seminar at the Macomb Alliance Healthcare Providers on Thursday October 13, 2011 at 11:30 AM.

    • The Brain Injury Association of Michigan

      Come visit Lipton law’s booth at The Brain Injury Association of Michigan’s Annual Conference in Lansing on Thursday and Friday September 22- 23



Highway Safety Grants May Reduce Traffic Fatalities

By Lipton Law on October 8, 2012 - No comments

In 2005, the Federal government allocated $244.1 billion to fund state investment needed to maintain and grow our transportation infrastructure. Education of the public and enhanced law enforcement involvement is part of the transportation infrastructure funded by the money allocated by Congress.

Michigan Defective Road CrashAs of this month, September, 2012, Congress is seeking to slash grants which fund state programs designed to prevent alcohol/distracted driving accidents, motorcycle safety, and teen education. This Congressional intention comes at a time when in the first 3 months of this year, traffic fatalities have jumped 13.5%, the highest number, in a similar time frame, since 2008.

In response, the Governors’ Highway Safety Association (GHSA) and Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD) are asking Congress to continue funding the programs which they say reduce traffic accident deaths by continued education. They are not asking for a funding increase but for a continuation of funding previously provided to states for traffic accident prevention programs. Without continued funding, states will have to rely on any funds not utilized in the previous fiscal year. In many states, especially the smaller ones which received less funding to begin with, this will mean that programs in place may be discontinued. GHSA and MADD argue that this means that the trend begun at the outset of this year – increased traffic accident fatalities – would continue.

Being injured or having a loved one injured in a traffic accident is a horrible consequence of someone else’s lack of knowledge on traffic safety. If you or a loved one has been injured by the negligence of another, a Detroit car accident attorney at Lipton Law is here to help at (248) 557-1688. Should you need us, call for a free consultation.


How Will Michigan’s Mini-Tort Law Change as of October 1, 2012?

By Lipton Law on September 7, 2012 - No comments

MI Auto Accident Damage CompensationAs of October 1, 2012, Michigan’s Mini-Tort Law (Ins. Code 3135) will be revised to add further protections to drivers involved in collisions in the state. What will not change is that the law only applies to property damage, i.e. repair costs to your vehicle (car, truck, motorcycle etc.), caused by an “at-fault” driver. The law does not change monetary recovery which is available to a driver or passenger injured, physically, mentally or emotionally, by a negligent driver who caused a traffic accident.

If you are the driver of an insured vehicle which is involved in a traffic collision, caused by someone else – the “at-fault” driver, then after October 1, 2012, you will be entitled to receive, from the “at-fault” driver. This money is for repair of your vehicle only and you are entitled to receive it “to the extent the damages are not covered by insurance.” (Ins. Code 3135.3(e).) That means that if you are uninsured and your vehicle has been damaged by an “at-fault” driver, you would not be entitled to receive the $1000.00 under the new law, from the responsible driver.

The benefit (and liability if your car damage is greater than $1000.00) of the law remains the same. Whether your car is damaged by someone else’s negligence, or whether you are the cause of an accident, the liability is limited to $1000.00, even if property damage is greater than that amount.

Even if you have been involved in a traffic collision which involves personal injury, the new law may affect you in ways unknown at present. The MI car crash lawyers at Lipton Law are available for consultation should you find yourself involved in a traffic collision. If needed, call us, at (248) 557-1688 for a free consultation.


Communicating Vehicles Aimed at Reducing Accidents Being Tested in Michigan

By Lipton Law on August 27, 2012 - No comments

Sterling Heights Vehicle Collision InjuryAn estimated 2,800 vehicles, including trucks, buses, and cars, will start “talking” to each other on the streets of Ann Arbor in an experiment that the government hopes will lead to safer roads. As reported by LehighValleyLive.com, the University of Michigan and the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) expect that the $25 million year-long project will generate data to show that in-vehicle wireless communication devices may reduce traffic accidents.

Currently, about 500 vehicles with the wireless device are now on the road, and this number will rise to 2,800 in the next six weeks. The wireless devices allow vehicles to send signals to each other in order to warn other drivers of potential dangers, such as a car going through a red light or stopped traffic. Vehicles can also get a traffic light to turn green if no other vehicles are coming the other way.

Officials say that this project may eventually lead to the devices being placed in every car. As far as when the technology will be placed in all vehicles is unclear, however, as the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), who has the authority to order the devices be placed in all cars, must study the project’s data before making any conclusions. The data will be available in about a year. Testers will be looking for data that shows that the warnings prevented crashes.

A number of auto manufacturers, including Nissan, Ford, General Motors, and Mercedes-Benz, are supplying vehicles to take part in the test.

Safety devices may be an important tool in reducing traffic accidents, but the best means of preventing a collision is a responsible, safe, and distraction-free driver. However, the personal injury attorneys in Sterling Heights with Lipton Law understand that not all accidents are preventable and the negligent actions of some MI motorists may endanger the safety of others on the road. If you have been injured in a traffic accident, call (248) 557-1688 to schedule a no-cost consultation with our legal team and see how we can get you full compensation for your losses.


Number of Deer-Vehicle Accidents in Macomb County Down from Previous Years

By Lipton Law on August 21, 2012 - No comments

For residents across the state of Michigan, the sighting of a majestic deer is a common and awe-inspiring occurrence, but this can be particularly dangerous if one of these stately creatures wanders out into a road with oncoming motorists. However, recent statistics reveal a decline in Macomb County deer-vehicle accidents, according to a report from The Voice. Data from MichiganTrafficFacts.org shows that there were a total of 543 deer-car collisions in 2011, a significant decrease from the 643 crashes in 2010 and 648 in 2009. Of this 2011 total, 41 were in Chesterfield Township and seven were in New Baltimore, which is also a decline from the 60 and eight in these towns in 2010, respectively.

MI Deer Car CrashA deer and elk specialist with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources explains that there are several reasons the number of deer-vehicle accidents could be down, including a stabilization of the deer population in southern Michigan. He also notes that in some areas, the deer population is also declining. In addition, the hot and dry weather is keeping water out of ditches, which means deer may be in areas where there are deeper ditches, such as County Line Road and 25 Mile Road in New Baltimore. Another possible reason may be the fewer amount of motorists on the road due to economic conditions, which also reduces the risk of crashes.

In the event you encounter a deer while driving, an ABC 10 report suggests never swerving to avoid a deer, even though it is a natural reaction. More damage and injury is at stake when you swerve to avoid impact with the deer as the risk increases for hitting oncoming traffic, a tree, a mailbox, ditch, or other dangerous object. A driver should take his or her foot off the gas and keep a straight course so as to reduce damage and avoid higher insurance rates.

At Lipton Law, our auto accident lawyers in Macomb County understand that car crashes can be caused by many factors, but the devastation an accident can cause is common in each crash. If you have been involved in a traffic accident caused by the negligence of another motorist, our skilled legal team can obtain the compensation you need to recover after a crash. To speak with us regarding your accident claim, please call (248) 557-1688.


Safety Tips to Avoid a Dangerous Pedestrian Accident in Flint, MI

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MI Pedestrian Auto AccidentResidents of Flint, MI have a many ways to travel and commute and get where they need to go; however, walking is certainly a popular option as it is affordable, health conscious, and environmentally friendly. Those who choose to travel on two feet, though, should be aware of the unique hazards that pedestrians face in order to stay safe on the roads of Flint. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 4,092 pedestrians were killed and approximately 59,000 were injured in traffic accidents in 2009. On average, a pedestrian was killed every two hours and injured every nine minutes in a traffic accident.

These alarming statistics show that the safety of walkers is not guaranteed, so in order to avoid a serious pedestrian accident, WalkingInfo.org offers the following pedestrian safety tips:

  1. Make yourself visible to drivers: Pedestrians should wear bright or light colored clothing to increase visibility. Also, carrying a flashlight at night and crossing in well-lit areas only after the sun sets can help ensure motorists see you.
  2. Be alert and avoid dangerous behaviors: When on two feet, travel distraction-free by not wearing headphones or using your cell phone, which will keep you alert and aware of oncoming hazards. Pedestrians should also look before crossing the road and make eye contact with drivers to make sure they see you, as well as walk sober to decrease the possibility of an accident.
  3. Stay cautious at crossings: Pedestrians should obey traffic signals and cross at marked crosswalks or intersections, if possible. Before crossing, look across all lanes to make sure it is clear before proceeding, and watch out for turning vehicles that may not see you until it is too late.

The Flint personal injury lawyers of Lipton Law encourage people across the state of Michigan to be safe, alert, and distraction-free when walking, running, or jogging on the open roads. However, even the safest pedestrian cannot prevent an accident when a motorist is driving in a negligent manner. If you have been injured by the negligence of another party, call our experienced legal team at (248) 557-1688 to discuss your case.


What is a Dangerous Roadway in Michigan?

By Lipton Law on July 19, 2012 - No comments

MI Road DangersWith the thousands of commuters on the road on any given day in Michigan, the chances of a driver being involved in an auto accident are certainly increased. There are a number of reasons a Michigan auto accident can happen, including driver negligence and defective auto parts, but some elements are out of a motorist’s control and may be a significant factor in why a collision occurs.

A dangerous roadway could be found on any street or highway, and an improperly maintained or designed roadway can be unsafe and risky for MI motorists, motorcyclists, bicyclists, and any other person on the open road.

Local and state governments are responsible for appropriately maintaining the roadways, and the safety of those on the road may be put in jeopardy if hazards and unsafe conditions exist. The following are some common examples of what may make a roadway dangerous in Michigan:

  • Poor road design, such as narrow lanes or excessive wear and tear;
  • Inadequate lighting, which can make seeing things like road signs or pedestrians difficult to see;
  • Debris in the road, which can make a drive potentially perilous;
  • Pavement hazards, such as potholes, loose gravel, or uneven pavement;
  • Road construction, which can cause debris in the road, or close lanes without sufficient warning for drivers; and
  • Traffic signals and signs, which can cause a collision if signals are not working properly or signs are not visible to drivers.

Being involved in a motor vehicle accident can leave a driver and his or her passengers with very serious injuries, which may result in expensive medical care, costly vehicle repair, and other accident-related costs. Seeking compensation from the negligent parties that caused your collision is very important and can help get you on the road to recovery. If a hazardous roadway caused your auto accident, contact an Oakland County dangerous roadways lawyer at Lipton law to discuss your legal options. Schedule your free consultation by calling (248) 557-1688.


Tips for Protecting Teen Drivers in Michigan

By Lipton Law on May 7, 2012 - No comments

The month of May typically sees increases in car accidents among 16- and 17-year-olds, as more teens hit the road to enjoy prom, graduation parties, and other activities, according to a recent report from Kentucky Farm Bureau Insurance. If your teen will be driving or riding along with friends this month, here are a few ways to help keep him or her safer on the way:

  • Give your teen plenty of chances to practice driving with an adult in the car, especially at night. Learning to drive with supervision gives your teen needed experience that driver education courses don’t always provide.
  • Know your state’s laws regarding young drivers. For instance, Michigan limits the time of day at which holders of MI graduated licenses may legally drive, prohibiting driving between 12 a.m. and 5 a.m. in most circumstances. Make these laws the basis for the rules you set on driving in your own family.
  • Limit the number of passengers your teen can carry. According to Kentucky Farm Bureau, 60 percent of teens who lose their lives in car accidents were riding with a teenage driver. Riding or driving with friends is fun, but it also poses serious risks.
  • Prohibit cell phone calls or texting behind the wheel. Teens should pull over and stop the car before using their phones.

Teen drivers’ inexperience may increase their risk for accidents, but severe injury or death can occur in a car accident no matter what a person’s age is. If you or someone you love has been hurt in a crash, the experienced Southfield car accident attorneys at Lipton Law can help. Call us today at (248) 557-1688 for a free and confidential consultation.


Self-Driving Cars May Be Closer Than We Think

By Lipton Law on April 24, 2012 - No comments

The idea of a car that drives itself belongs, for many people, in a science-fiction future that they’ll never live to see. But self-driving cars might start popping up on the market in as little as three years, according to a recent article in Market Watch.

Southfield New Car TechnologySafety systems, like cameras that watch what’s behind the vehicle, sensors that warn when the vehicles is too close to other vehicles or obstacles, course correction to keep vehicles in their lanes, and systems that allow the vehicle to make emergency stops more quickly are all available on many cars currently sold in the U.S. However, automakers have put more effort into researching ways to integrate these systems to allow the car to pilot itself – research that some say is now paying off.

For instance, General Motors is currently working on a system that allows vehicles to take over a substantial part of the driving, including automatically adjusting to leave safe space between the car and the one ahead of it, keep the vehicle in its lane, and brake or adjust to changing road conditions. The system, which can be turned on or off by the driver, may be available on GM’s Cadillac line as soon as 2015, according to the automaker. Automakers hope these systems will help improve safety, decreasing the number of serious accidents motorists suffer each year.

At Lipton Law, our dedicated Michigan car accident attorneys are here to help with every aspect of putting your life together after an accident. From filing a no-fault insurance claim to seeking compensation in court, we can help you handle the details of your case so that you can focus on healing. Call (248) 557-1688 for a free and confidential consultation.


After Serious Accident, Michigan Teen Encourages Classmates to Be Safe Drivers

By Lipton Law on April 2, 2012 - No comments

Two years ago, two teenagers from the mid-Michigan town of Merrill lost their lives in a car accident and a third passenger in the vehicle suffered a severe traumatic brain injury when the car in which the three were riding left the road and struck a tree. Now, the surviving teen is poised to graduate from high school, but not before encouraging her classmates to drive safely and avoid the pain and struggle she has suffered.

The recovering teen spoke to an assembly of her classmates at Merrill High School recently, encouraging them to drive carefully and avoid having to make a split-second decision that could end in tragedy. She showed photos of the crash that left her injured and took the lives of her two friends. Since she still struggles with speaking after the crash, her words were also transcribed and shown on-screen. The teen was joined by another teenager and new friend, who lost his father in a similar serious accident in 1994, and who also shared how a car accident can change a young person’s life.

At Lipton Law, our knowledgeable car accident lawyers in Southfield are here to help you with every step after an accident, from filing a no-fault insurance claim to seeking compensation from any negligent third parties. We strive to know and understand each of our clients personally, so we can tailor solutions to meet their particular needs. For a free and confidential consultation, call us today at (248) 557-1688.